Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This page will advise you on the terms and conditions of the services we provide, continuing to use our services demonstrates that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions we have in place.

If you do not agree with all of our terms and conditions please do not use our services.

The below words have to following meanings:

“The Company” means J.C Plumbing.

“The Customer” means the person or the organisation to which the company agrees to a carry out the works for.

“The works/job” means the agreement between the Company and the Customer.

The content of these terms and conditions are for general use only.

1. Amendments to the Terms and conditions

Section 1.1 – The Company has the right to change/amend any part of the terms and conditions without providing any notice.

2. Hourly rate works

Section 2.1 – The charges to the customer will include the overall time spent by the engineers plus all materials that were supplied by the company which relate to the works. The cost of the engineers is calculated on the Company’s current hourly rate.

Section 2.2 – Travel time to and from the job is not included in the charges. However, if materials are required which are not stocked by us then we will inform the customer and collect the necessary materials. This will be carried out at an additional cost at the prevailing hourly rate charge. Travel time will be kept down to a minimum and reasonable. (Tools that had to be purchased and used during the works are not included in this charge)

Section 2.3 – Fault Finding – Where fault finding is necessary, this is charged at the company’s current hourly rates.

All charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate except in cases where the work carried out is zero rated.

3. Fixed price work

Section 3.1 – Our fixed prices are given as a firm cost, excluding the cost of any required materials. If parts are required during this work then it shall be calculated at an hourly rate at the prevailing costs.

4. Payments

Section 4.1 – Invoices are due for payment 7 days after the invoice date. The Company is not liable for loss of the customers invoice. We have the right to take matters forward if payment is not received within the given time scale. Invoices which have not been paid within the given timescale will incur a 5% interest rate for every 7 days the payment is overdue. In the circumstances where the customer is represented by a third party i.e. Landlord, tenant, contractor or other representative, the third party will be responsible for the payment unless agreed otherwise in writing.

J.C Plumbing are not liable for any delays in the process and issuing of Certificates to customers, these are issued by a Third Party. Any relevant certificates for parts, appliances or work carried out by the company (J.C Plumbing) will be issued by J.C Plumbing direct. The invoice settlement to J.C Plumbing should not be withheld due to issues with certificate(s) submission

Section 4.2 – The Company has the right to invoice for any percentage of the work we have carried out, at any given time where the company deems fair and reasonable.

All prices and rates are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

5. Quotations

Section 5.1 – Quotations will presented to the customer via email or paper copy as requested.

Section 5.2 – All quoted works will be carried out as agreed on the site visit and broken down in the quote as much as possible. If extra work is requested outside of the quote which we deem to not be included, then the extra work will be calculated at the prevailing rate and added on to the bill.

6. Additional costs

Section 6.1 – If a fault is found during any work being taken place which was not caused by the company then this will be added on as an additional cost at the prevailing rate.

Section 6.2 – If the customer cancels any requested work which may affect the company’s business then the customer shall be liable for any related expenses.

Section 6.3 – The Company will always do its upmost to acquire the materials at the best current rate which are required for the works to be completed. However, any materials supplied by the company will be charged at our trade discounted rate with an additional 20%.

Section 6.4 – If any removal of materials or waste is to be required from site which had not been allowed for in the quotation then this shall be added on as an additional cost as the company deems fit and reasonable.

7. Availability

Section 7.1 – Where an appointment has been made with the customer, the company will do its upmost best to avoid any late arrivals or missed appointments. However, the company does not accept any liability for these actions.

8. Products& Materials

Section 8.1 – All products and materials are covered under the manufactory warranty including any labour charges.

9. Declining the job

Section 9.1 – The Company has the right to refuse or decline any job at its own discretion.

10. Complaints

Section 10.1 – In the unlikely event of which a complaint may wish to be made, a written letter must be submitted to the company within 12 months of the invoice date. The company will review and settle any complaints as soon as possible.

11. Guarantee

Section 11.1 – The Company honours a 12 month workmanship guarantee starting from the invoice date. This includes all necessary labour costs excluding the cost of any materials.